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Lynne D. Perry has over 45 years working in vast and varied fields. She has experience as a programmer analyst, team lead and project manager for financial institutions, manufacturing industries, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and most recently government. She designed, developed and manages the Historic Valentown Museum's new web site (which went live in 2017) and additionally serves in volunteer work at the museum, assists with fundraising, and provides media consulting. Among her many credentials are being published 3 times in MS Access Office Advisor, has been a member of an international private investigator's union, instrumental in the development of a website for the premier networking organization "The August Group" (where she also volunteered as a mentor to guide the recently unemployed professionals through the NYS unemployment process and job search process), was a co-founder of a PAC organization, and was president of a women's investment club. She currently runs a part time free lance SOHO business that provides web site development, SEO consulting and web site hosting services.

Lynne's hobbies are cooking, gardening, bees, politics, crafts and taking time to smell the flowers.

"We have not inherited mother Earth from our ancestors, we have borrowed Her from our grandchildren."
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bill blazio 2011.jpg Inspired Artwork Tuesday, March 26 2024 @ 04:14 pm
Towering-Ambition_2022 Tim Winter .jpg Inspired Artwork Tuesday, March 26 2024 @ 12:09 pm
Events Calendar Friday, March 15 2024 @ 05:03 pm
Ballroom Video Tuesday, May 23 2023 @ 03:04 pm
steaksandchops.jpg Food Food Wonderful Food Images Wednesday, August 24 2022 @ 01:25 pm

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Thumbnail Album Description
Inspired Artwork This gallery holds the artwork for the Inspired Artwork Forums
Events Calendar Here is where we are keeping images used in the Events forums.
Ballroom Video Snaps of the ballroom clips out of the official documentary.
Food Food Wonderful Food Images These are images used in the Food forums.
Partners Page Images These images are on the "Parner's" page.
Video's & Media Here you will find video footage, press releases, and things of that nature related to the museum.
The (really) Old Oak Tree You have probably heard of a witness to history but how about a very old living witness to history? The Valentine Oak located on the Valentown museum property has been standing long before the Valentown Hall & the Town homestead (ca. 1830) were ever built. In fact it was mentioned by Levi Valentine himself in 1935. At that time he thought the tree to be at least 200 yrs old. It is that old & most likely even older. Clicking on each image in the album will enlarge it and provide you with more info about it.
Gratitudes This contains communications from people expressing appreciation to us
2020 Mason Bee Presentation We had a lovely presentation about Mason bees on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020. The attendees had a slide show with a lecture by our website manager. The slide show included some video's of her mason bees in action. We learned a lot about these friendly bees, and how to raise them. We learned about the nesting tubes and wood blocks they will nest in, and about bee houses and where to put them. We even got to watch a live demonstration of how to harvest the mason bee cocoons and how to overwinter them! And we got some great feed back from the attendees, most of who also opted for a tour of the museum which they found very interesting and educational as well! We'll do it again in spring of 2021!
Valentown Lights at Night As beautiful at night as it is at day.

Clicking on the individual images in our Exhibit Albums gives more information about it.

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