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The "Save Our Siding!" Fundraiser continues

WHY THE FUNDRAISER? The original wood siding on the Museum is century old barn wood over 135 years old! It is in serious need of repairs. In some places, birds are even getting into the Museum through holes in the siding! Oh, NO!

The state of our siding is creating a destructive situation endangering the building itself and all of its contents. Our siding is the most important element to keep the building standing. The repairs are going to be costly and our desire is to match the existing siding as closely as possible. We would prefer to locate and purchase re-purposed barn wood in keeping with our recycling values. Costs for siding repairs must cover the siding & contractors, plus the 4-5 story very tall scaffolding that will be necessary.

Read more about this fundraiser, see photo's, and follow our progress here: SOS-Save Our Siding Forum

Please consider donating to our SOS ("Save our Siding") fund?


Donate $5.00 or more through our PayPal link below
and get this commemorative patch
(while supplies last)!



Or if you prefer, you may alternately donate through our GoFundMe page. But please note that due to their higher processing fees, less of your donation will actually get to us.

We look forward to your visit and support!


 "Riding for Siding" Fundraiser Tickets

June 24, 2018 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Ticket pkg.'s are $25.00 ea.
Pkg. includes Admission Ticket, Patch, BBQ Wrist Band & Waiver.

This event has ended, but thank your for your interest and continued support!
Please consider a donation towards our "Save Our Siding" fund?

You can donate directly through our PayPal donate button above (PayPal account not necessary),
or you can contribute directly to the donation jar at Harv's Harly Davidson.


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