The History of Hometown Business and Community

Valentown "Community Membership" Gratitudes

Valentown Community Membership Application

Community Members sponsor Historic Valentown in support of the history, maintenance, activities and educational outreaches of Historic Valentown. Membership is open to all interested persons. Community Members pay annual dues and must remain in good standing with the Valentown Board of Trustees.

We applaud their independent spirit and support.

Community Membership includes-

  • Opportunities to partner with Historic Valentown on projects of mutual interest.

  • The right to "opt in" to be recognized in our Community Members Gratitudes listing.

  • The right to vote in elections (1 vote per membership).

  • A one time private introductory tour for 5 of your guests for free for Membership levels of $50 and up! (Add additional people for a special discount group rate of only $4.00 per person.) 

Community Membership Dues are due annually and have minimum amounts due. Amounts paid in excess of the minimums are always deeply appreciated!

Community Membership levels are as follows:

    $20+ ~ Individual: Senior (60+)
    $25+ ~ Individual: Regular
    $50+ ~ Patron

    $50+ ~ Family
  $100+ ~ Sponsor
  $500+ ~ Valentown Hall Benefactor

$1000+ ~ Historic Valentown Hall & Site Benefactor



These are our current members that have "opted in"
to proudly show their support publicly.
Thank you, all members!


Susan Murphy
Webster, NY
Suzanne Sacco
Victor, NY
Kathleen M. Gill
Pittsford, NY
Dianne Herrick
Victor, NY
Linda B. Smith
Victor, NY
Lynne Perry
Penfield, NY
R.C. Westra
Victor, NY
Regina Muscarella
Victor, NY
Donna Smith
Victor, NY


Frank & Shari Kosmerl
Victor, NY
Johnathan & Rose Bielecki
Fairport, NY
Sue Stehling
Victor, NY
Glen & Jean Teeple
Fishers, NY
Kathryn White
Rochester, NY
Jule Zoller
Rochester, NY
Laura Hoogland
Manasas, VA


Diane Bleier
Victor, NY
Thomas & Elizabeth Kubiak
Victor, NY

The History of Hometown Business and Community

Valentown Community Membership Application

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Historic Valentown is a living history of hometown business and community, a historic site right here in your community.  Valentown Hall is a unique building housing ideas and historic material related to our "Made in America" past.  We represent the people who made our nation strong and independent with their ideas, hands and hard work. Our mission is to bring the site, its buildings, our collection of related artifacts and land to the public as an educational example of the entrepreneurial spirit of America. 

Our greatest responsibility is managing our rural 13 acre site, recruiting volunteers and fulfilling our goal to repair Valentown Hall. As an all volunteer organization our success has come from the generous time of the people who help us stay in the public view while teaching our valuable lessons. 

Support through membership is vital for stability but also acknowledges our volunteer’s efforts and energy.  It lets us keep the lights on, help generate more funds and fulfill our educational goals as a 501(c)3 not-for profit organization in the community.  It is the way for us to move forward into the future.

Our rural landscape reflects the agricultural heritage of the area and the importance of natural landscape practices both past and present.  This not only keeps our site authentic in its proper context but helps support the environment.  Valentown Hall has few historic comparisons.  Each door has a different story behind it, a different lesson.  Telling this story is important but it is also a privilege.  It allows people to understand that from our beginnings are the stories of today.  However without community support and interest we cannot do a good job speaking for those who came before us and contributed to our present day lives.

Please consider helping the Historic Valentown we are so proud to share with all communities.  If you have any questions or would like a private tour, please contact me.


Kathryn White, President - On behalf of the Board of Trustees

Valentown "Community Membership" Gratitudes

Valentown Community Membership Application

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