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Historic Valentown Tour Info

Tours are open to the general public beginning the first Sunday in June and ending the last Sunday in September. The first tour begins at 1:00pm, the second at 2:00pm and the last at 3:00pm. The museum closes at 4:00pm.

Tours are guided by a volunteer docent who will take you through all of the floors in the building and describe the history relevant to the displays.

Note that tours require stair climbs and we are not handicap accessible beyond the 1st floor.

The general tours are age appropriate for children age 8 and over, children must be accompanied by an adult.

All tour proceeds go directly towards the maintenance and upkeep of Historic Valentown Museum.

Tour Rules


Private Tours and Special Tours

A private tour is a tour that runs in much the same way that the tours run when open to the general public.

A special tour is a tour that is customized to cater to the specific needs and/or interest of the visitors. For example- a tour specifically geared toward a group of children or a tour catering toward the elderly or disabled who would not be able to access the upper level floors.

We do not offer paranormal tours.

As a small volunteer organization, we need to schedule private tours and special tours preferably at least a week in advance. Scheduling depends on the availability of our volunteers and requires at least one tour guide and a counter monitor.

Private/Special tours are a minimum of $42 for a group of at least 1 and up to 6 people, and are $7 per person above a group of 6.

To arrange a private/special tour, please contact us at:


Thank  you for your interest in Historic Valentown Museum!

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