• Valentowns Mason Bees (16)

    This album is all about our Mason Bee's, which we introduced to our Peace Garden in Spring of 2018
  • Take a Peek Inside! (6)

    Valentown Hall has many vintage shops and interesting nooks and crannies. Take a peek at just a few of them in this album, but please consider taking a tour... we guarantee you'll be amazed. Remember that clicking on each image will enlarge it and will also provide you with a short narrative about it.
  • The (really) Old Oak Tree (5)

    You have probably heard of a witness to history but how about a very old living witness to history? The Valentine Oak located on the Valentown museum property has been standing long before the Valentown Hall & the Town homestead (ca. 1830) were ever built. In fact it was mentioned by Levi Valentine himself in 1935. At that time he thought the tree to be at least 200 yrs old. It is that old & most likely even older. Clicking on each image in the album will enlarge it and provide you with more info about it.
  • The Old Wooden Wagon from 1770 - Narratives by Frank Kosmerl, Sept. 2012 (4)

    Residing in the basement of Valentown Hall for some decades has been an ancient wooden freight or farm wagon. A sign was on it that told of it's construction in 1770 and having been used in the Revolutionary war as a supply wagon in the Hudson Valley. This information was no doubt taken from descriptions from its' purchaser, J. Sheldon Fisher, who acquired it from an antique dealer in Ohio in the 1950's. Clicking on each image in the album will enlarge it and provide you with more info about it.
  • Quartermasters Desk (1)

    Valentown contains a numerous articles and objects that reflect the history of the region. Here are just a few more examples of the exhibits on display at the Hall: 1) Artifacts and documents pertaining to the founding of western New York by the Phelps and Gorham Land Purchase of 1788. 2) Numerous items from the Interior of the original 1840 Auburn and Rochester Railroad Station in Fishers. 3) Civil War artifacts from area soldiers. 4) Millinery and haberdashery shop with large display of hats and hat forms. 5) Early Musical Instruments and sheet music. 6) Early pioneer hand tools and implements. 7) Original operating country store. 8) The important Locke insulator story.
  • Video's & Media (21)

    Here you will find video footage, press releases, and things of that nature related to the museum.


Clicking on the individual images in our Exhibit Albums gives more information about it.

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