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Our last "What is it" contest was too easy!!! Thanks to everyone who participated in guessing that the tools were "dibbles" used as gardening tools for making holes to plant seeds in. It took less than 24 hours for one person to come in and guess the correct name, though we had several correct guesses as to the usage.

So for this round of "What is it?", we have a print from an old wood cutting that mystifies us. We aren't certain what period of history it's from, and we sure as heck can't figure out what this woman is doing!?!?! It looks like she's milking some kind of strange plant.

Think you can help us figure that out? Feel free to pass this along for others to research, too. We really want an answer, we seriously want to know what she's up to. Join a discussion with us about it in the pictures comment section on our Facebook page:

Yes, I said this.

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Clicking on the individual images in our Exhibit Albums gives more information about it.

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