Subject: January 2018 News

Posted on: January 23 2018 @ 02:05 PM
By: President


Greetings everyone!

The New Year seems to be getting a cold start. But we've been keeping warm and busy by working on the Museum plans for the 2018 season. We streamlined the Newsletter subscriber process (not so much this and that) and improved its overall appearance. It is such a pleasure to be able to say hello this way.

Did you make any New Years resolutions?? We did! Quite a few of them, actually. We're determined to check them off one by one this year. Our most pressing issue and the most important is to find funds to stabilize the Hall siding. The siding is cedar and not available anymore. We think, in addition to traditional replacement methods, there might also be a way to use materials from other old buildings. Then those old structures no longer able to stand can live on through our building! If anyone has some creative ideas for this, let us know.

The most immediate task right now is making subscribing to memberships available as a more convenient online process. Also we're looking at using the web site as a tool to catalog our collections (we're still working on that, we have a LOT of materials!!). We want an organized reference system with our Valentown story and concept at the core. Then extend out from that with local and regional history that relates directly back to us.

Remember, the Historic Valentown site is an independent 501(c)3 not for profit organization and gets no funding from any of our neighboring municipalities. So volunteers, memberships and donations are extremely vital to us. We are eager to find partners in the greater community who want to invest in us and become involved.

As we move forward with expanding Valentown's networks and opportunities, please consider joining us! If you think you might like to help us in the 2018 season, please let us know. Programs, events or fundraising are only as good the energy behind it. If you have some good ideas, contact us at

So for 2018, lets hope we all find solutions and success for our endeavors.

Kathryn White, President


We've put up some NEW content on the web site!

Check out a lovely and heart warming recollection about the Hall and Sheldon Fisher that we've linked to under History>Recollections. It's about a 1997 meeting of NSG (The New Society of the Genesee) held at the hall and the tour by Sheldon (who was in his 90's then!). It's written by Donovan A. Shilling and we linked directly to his write up here:

We also added a brief about "Maggy Murphy's Potato Plot" in hopes of generating more interest in collecting those family potato recipes. (hint, hint). Read about the background of our "potato plot" here, it's even got a before and after picture of the S.J. Connelly general store!


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