Subject: Send us your potato recipe

Posted on: August 21 2017 @ 02:45 PM
By: Website Manager


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Your Mother's Potato Recipe

The Victor Historical Society is looking for some family potato recipes for a little recipe booklet we are putting together. The Victor area was a big seed potato region at one time and we would like to give visitors a taste of that heritage. Please send us your favorite family potato dish to share. Include a family name with it so we can tell the whole story about who used to make it and how it was made into a family tradition.

My mother (Kathryn Heagerty White) used to make her yummy potato salad all summer long but it was one of my sister Virginia's and my favorite thing for the family picnic on the Fourth of July in Oswego, N.Y.

Submitted by Kathryn White.

The Society would love to have something from your family. You do not have to live in the Victor area to submit, or be member or friend of the Society or Valentown. Please send your family potato favorite to both Sue Stehling and me, Kathryn White. and


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